Kids Entertainment

Children playing on an iPad or having their own mobile phone is now no longer a strange thought. However, it is important that this digitalization is recognized by companies so that they can anticipate. When it comes to entertainment, the first step is clear: Who would you like to entertain and what does that person like? Our vision is not to replace the classical playing, but to support companies and give them insight into the making of a suitable combination of traditional and digital playing. With so many digital products and applications around them, the new generation of children will increasingly be challenged by digital entertainment.


ConnectAndPlay studies the latest techniques in the field of Children’s entertainment, innovative developments that will surprise this generation and actually manages to reach them. By creating a clear picture of the latest trends and developments in the field of interactivity, Technology and User Experience, we provide interactive solutions to ensure that the children are stimulated in spectacular ways.


Please inquire about our experiences and help us think about new ways to stimulate the interactive and digital power of this generation.

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